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Here are just a few of our happy customers worldwide!


Ducati Monster Fender EliminatorThe tail chop went well. I had initially ordered the integrated tail light and liked the clean look. I was nervous about cutting the frame but wanted to get rid of the big “beer tray”.  I had seen plenty of Monsters on the internet with the tail chop but its not the same as in person.  Finally, I saw a tail chop in person and went home and immediately ordered the kit. While waiting for the kit to arrive I watched and studied the installation instructions.  When the kit arrived and I installed it in about 20 minutes in the parking garage of my condo meeting. The installation was easy and looks very clean.  As apprehensive as I was about cutting the frame I have no regrets.  The integrated tail light and tail chop make the Monster look Bad A$$.  Brian – San Diego, CA

Ducati Monster Fender EliminatorThe Tail Chop kit was part of a bunch of work I was doing for my girlfriend’s birthday for her ’06 S2R Dark. I looked into a lot of different kits, and one thing that sold me on the Tail Chop was the amount of instructions. The step by step videos I watched over and over. I initially was nervous about cutting the frame since it wasn’t even mine. When the day to actually do it came, I was all set and zip! Done. No problem. Actually one of the easiest changes I made on the bike! I got the integrated smoke taillight too. It just looks so bad ass now. My only problem- waiting for one to come out for my new 796! I’m going to buy it in a heartbeat. To anyone who is thinking about getting one, stop reading and immediately buy it. Now.
Ken M. – ’06 S2R Dark

Monster Fender EliminatorI think the tail chop is AWESOME: has made the monster look even meaner than before. Don’t bother getting any other tail chop: those are just not as good. This complete kit is easy to install and the instruction are perfect! Thank you very much. Valentino - UK

Monster Fender Eliminator Initially I wasn’t sure about cutting off a piece of the frame but after talking to Ty I decided to bite the bullet. The install process was nice and easy, product quality was top notch, and Ty was great with answering all my questions before I bought both the tail chop and the integrated tail light. I couldn’t be happier and would definitely recommend using DucatiMonsterTailChop.com.
Connor, IL. USA -S2R 1000

Ducati Monster Tail ChopI was, upon receipt and installation, and remain, over 1500 miles later, really pleased with your products and the ease of install. Matt H. – MA, USA.


Ducati Monster Tail ChopGreat service/support, fast delivery and good quality products!

Thijs M. – New Zealand.





Awesome product, loving the new look of the monster. Cheers!

Roy – New Zealand.






Great product! Easy install! Makes the Monster look the part. Many compliments from fellow riders. Thank you so much!

Isaac S. – PA, US



Ducati Monster Tail ChopI thought the product was excellent the instructions were very good and the outcome is spectacular.

Crash Miller – US.



Ducati Monster Tail ChopGreetings! I was a little nervous about taking apart my wife’s bike and messing it up! Haha. The step-by-step video was incredibly helpful and eased my anxiety about installing the fender eliminator kit. The included written instructions were so-so, definitely not as helpful as the video! Installation was fast and easy and the Monster looks great! Thanks for a great product,  and very helpful installation video! Freddie Schindler – US.





I really love the tail chop. The instructions are very easy to follow.

S Smith – Texas.



Ducati Monster Tail ChopHi Ty, first of all, thank you for your good material. I received my parts 15 days later, it was really quick for a delivery to Belgium. The plan inside the pakage was more than clear and easy to understand, the material fit perfectly the bike, with no problem, just great. Hell yeah, now my monster look really great,  best regards.
Xavier – Belgian Monster Rider.



Ducati Monster Tail ChopThis is my second tail chop from Monster Tail Chop. I love their products. My first was for a monster 620 and the second was for a monster 796. With the 796 I opted for the integrated tail light. Installation was smooth for both; just follow along with the posted video. I received fast support when I asked questions. 10/10 product in terms of quality, functionality, and support.  Sean – Anchorage, AK.



Ducati Monster Tail ChopGot the parts.  And it was fabulous. Easy to install.  Instruction was very clear and the part was solid and well made.  Love the new look on my monster. Thank you very much! Sanu – Hong Kong.




Ducati Monster Tail ChopIt went really well and very easy to install. Andrew D – Australia.





Ducati Monster Tail ChopHey there every thing was easy and works fine the information in the package is excellent and easy to follow. I’ve had plenty great comment on how my bike looks now. Phillip C – Brisbane..



Ducati Monster Tail ChopHi,
Just wanted to say that your site was on the simple side -but super easy to navigate.  The images and video enclosed gave me reassurance that the product was easy to install.
A. Chan – Canada



Ducati Monster Tail ChopHi there, The parts were well engineered and everything fitted perfectly. Had a reflective moment taking a hacksaw to the frame but hey hoe! I’m pleased with the results .
So much better (in my opinion) than the Ducati beer tray design. Best regards, Brian D – UK.




Ducati Monster Tail ChopHello, I just want to say that your product is very good. I had no problem with the installation, everything was just fine, very easy to install. I am very pleased about the final result and I thank you for that. Again, I’m a very satisfied customer. Ratiu – Romania.






Ducati Monster Tail ChopMonster Tail Chop was great. Parts arrived as stated, and directions were very clear for installation. I also added the integrated taillight which really set everything off. Would recommend watching the installation video before attempting. It really helped me out and only took an hour and a half to get everything perfect. Jay Z – US.




Ducati Monster Tail ChopHi, I got the parts through no problem at all, great service and great product! Here’s a pic of the finished article!
Best regards, Jim – UK.




Ducati Monster Tail ChopFast delivery, easy to find what I needed on the website even easier to install. my opinion, best money can buy and my bike’s tail looks awesome. Thanks for making quality products, love it!!
Jan from Belgium.





Ducati Monster Tail ChopTy was very helpful in the entire process and replied very quickly to my emails. I’m very happy, my Monster now looks awesome. Greets.
Paul -The Netherlands.




Ducati Monster Tail ChopHi there
I’ve finally had time to chop my Monster.
The work was really easy and straight forward, took me 30 mins. Love the new look, I can recommend it to all Monster fans!! All the best. Jean-Rémi – Switzerland – ’01 M900S.


Ducati Monster Tail ChopHi Ty, thanks for all your help with the tail chop kit. Easy to use website, quick friendly communication, parts received in the UK in under a week. Followed your instructions carefully, took about an hour and fitted perfectly. I have sent some photos of the bike now, everyone says how much better it looks chopped. Excellent service, thanks again. Dave – Suffolk, UK


Ducati Monster Tail ChopI installed the Monster Tail Chop bracket on my 2011 Monster 796.  Everything was very straightforward and I ran into no difficulties.  The entire process took approximately 45 min.  It fits very well and looks great! Thanks! Matt N. – Eagle Mountain, UT.



Ducati Monster Tail ChopThe install went great, the drawing and the picture were easy to understand. Thanks. Chan S – WA, USA.




Ducati Monster Tail ChopHey Ty, Thanks for following up. Just wanted to say that it was a breeze to purchase and install the tail chop kit with all the instructions provided together with the kit. I’m loving the new look of my Monster 800. Keep up the good work! Cheers from Singapore, -Yas



Ducati Monster Tail ChopGreat kit – clean and simple.  Finally got the look I was searching for.
Evan -06 Monster 620 – NY.




Ducati Monster Tail ChopAwesome tail chop kit. The install was super simple, this coming from a person who is not very handy when it comes to using tools, so I was impressed to install it in just over an hour. Delivery was quick, and the instructions provided were clear. Best part is, my bike looks so much cleaner now. I would definitely recommend this kit! Riaz B. – Canada.



Ducati Monster Tail ChopCouldn’t believe it was so easy. The manual was quite easy to follow, and the job was done in about 45-60 minutes. Rune M – Denmark.




Ducati Monster Tail ChopThanks again guys, couldn’t be happier for a great product and a amazing price. Ty was excellent with customer service. Mark – 2005 S4R – Canada.




Ducati Monster Tail ChopLook at that ass! My S2R is finally a true monster! Installing / cutting it was pretty easy (even by my clumsy hands) and the result is spectacular. Order this now and chop that tail!  Jan W – Belgium.




Ducati Monster Tail ChopCan’t thank you enough for your excellent & quick service, I’ll surely recommend you to my mates! Attached some pictures of the fitted equipment, looks tidy in my opinion. Time to start riding again!!
Many thanks.
Toine – Netherlands.





Ducati Monster Tail ChopThanks man, got the kit this morning and fitted it up tonight. As always your product was perfect. Tee shirt fits too, so thanks heaps.
Brendon M – 659 – New Zealand.





Ducati Monster Tail ChopHi guys, Thank you for the speedy post & detailed instructions – I knocked it over in about an hour last night. Getting new indicators as the stocks were broken  but the tail looks fantastic & it was just what I was after. Thanks again! Matt – Sydney, Australia.



Ducati Monster Tail ChopHi there, just giving feedback on the tailchop kit I ordered recently. I have now fitted this to my bike and it looks great, information for fitting and wiring instructions were excellent and I would recommend you products to anyone. Thanks again , my bike is sexy as hell now. Dean C – New Zealand.



Ducati Monster Tail ChopFrom Norway, looking forward to summer with new “tail”!
Bjorn O.




Ducati Monster Tail ChopI am very happy with my tail chop, it looks fantastic on my S2R 1000.
Greetings from Holland.




Ducati Monster Tail ChopHello, I just want you to know that I’ve installed many kits in my day, and yours is by far the best I’ve ever installed! Great job!
Carl B – Pittsburgh USA.



Ducati Monster Tail ChopYour Tail Chop kit is central to the new look, and the trick taillight is cool.  I’m happy with the new look, and it sure is fun to ride! Thanks again for your fine product.
Jerry M –  Alabama



Ducati Monster Tail ChopI can tell you it was easy to do because I did it, but for the first timer it’s a little challenging. It looks amazing and better than any kit out there.
Christian – California.



Ducati Monster Tail ChopSuperb quality couldn’t be happier. Thanks again for all your help. Regards.
Aamer M – NY.




Ducati Monster Tail ChopGot my standard kit installed on my Ducati monster 600 '01 and it looks so good! The instruction that came in the kit was really good with pictures and all. Thanks a lot! Kind regards.
Jessica Andersson – Sweden.

Ducati Monster Tail ChopThanks boys!

Dave – Chicago.







Ducati Monster Tail ChopHi Ty, the part arrived today. fitted with ease looks the business.Thanks for your help.

Simon P – U.K.






Ducati Monster Tail ChopI am very happy with the part I ordered,
it’s now 200% better than before.
The install was very easy and it was ready in 45 minutes.
To order the part from your site was easy and you sent it very quick. Thanks for everything. Greets. Jordy-Netherlands



Ducati Monster Tail ChopI finally got my bike looking the way I wanted thanks to this kit.
It looks infinitely better than it did before.
Matt – Ohio






Ducati Monster Tail ChopHave finally took the plunge and tail chopped my Ducati, Literally have no regrets it looks awesome. Very easy to fit, took me about half an hour. Absolutely love it!
Liam – UK




Ducati Monster Tail ChopJust wanted to say thanks.  The kit arrived in less than a week to Canada.  Your  instructional video was fantastic, it made for a quick and easy install.  Loving the new look!
Ryan – Canada.



Ducati Monster Tail ChopWe decided to do the bike up and get rid of the ugly tail. After viewing your product we saw it was a pretty straight and ordered it. Upon getting it the process of chopping and installing your tail tidy was easier than we were expecting and would be an easy mod to do for people with very limited mod skills. Thanks for a great product guys, its worth every cent.      Hus – Australia


Ducati Monster Tail ChopThe chop went perfectly. Love it! BRAAAAAAAAAAPHHH!
Jaap – Netherlands.



Ducati Monster Tail ChopHi Ty. The parts were received within the UK in a matter of days. The instructions were excellent and for a complete novice like me, the whole exercise took less than an hour. I’m really pleased with the results and will recommend to any Monster owners I come across.
Umar – UK


Monster Fender EliminatorThanks much, Ty, for your video, comments, and crazy-fast shipping to Alaska!!!!
George – Alaska.




Monster Fender EliminatorI finally started with the tail chop mod. It was quick and easy install with the bracket and LED tail light. Almost too easy to install! Thanks for a great product. Best tail tidy mod out there, and I appreciate your following up and service.  Jon – Norway.





Monster Fender EliminatorIt was a great pleasure to receive the kit.  Installation was super easy. It looks just AWESOME…I have the clear tail light with integrated turn signals. So many good comments I had from friends. I would recommend this mod any day of the week, twice on Saturdays..!! Thanks a lot.!! –  Alain Roy




Monster Fender EliminatorHere is a before and after picture of my bike. Thank you guys so much. This made the bike!
Peterson V. – NY





Monster Fender EliminatorI have worked in sheetmetal manufacturing over 17 years and riding motorcycles just as long. Doing design and engineering is something that I do often. I have made motorcycle parts for many of my bikes. But when it came time to chop the tail on my current project I found myself not having the time to get it done. Did some research, read a lot of good things. Decided to order the kit. Monster Tail Chop has really provided a great kit that really made the project fun, with easy to understand and detailed instructions that lead to a perfect install. I was really impressed. Thanks for a great product. Juan – ’00 Monster 900S.


Monster Fender EliminatorI love the tail chop.  It took a little more work than I thought because the cable that locks/unlocks the helmet lock ran through tubing.  Zak K – 1999 m750.




Monster Fender EliminatorI managed to fit it perfectly on my 1997 monster with a bit of extra cutting and also re-routing the cable, but the seat lock works fine. The look is amazing and I should’ve done it sooner!’         Rich, London.






Monster Fender EliminatorThe monster tail chop, I think is way better looking than the stock. It is a little pricey for the small metal license plate holder but I’m glad I bought it. Comes with a great instruction manual plus pictures to go along with it. I had no problem installing it onto my ’05 Monster 620.
Nelson – CA.



Monster Fender EliminatorHere is a pic of my 2002, 900.  Your kit was totally straight forward and painless to install.  The LED integrated taillight was the icing on the cake!  Thanks for a great product. Randy – NY.




Monster Fender EliminatorThe kit comes with easy to follow instructions and all mounting/wiring harnesses needed to do the install.  The integrated tail light was basically just plug and play, It works extremely well and is easily visible from distance. Top notch piece of kit. I highly recommend this kit for being super simple to install, all necessary parts are in the box and overall build quality. Steven A – BC, Canada – M796.


Monster Fender EliminatorRandy E. – North Hollywood, CA






Monster Fender EliminatorGot my tailchop for my M795. The only downside is living in Vietnam where it rains for a while, The water sprays onto my back and helmet.Great product. Simple fitting instructions. I’ve read some horror stories with a evo tailtidy install but had no issues with mine.
Mik – 795 Evo – Vietnam


Monster Fender Eliminator

Monster 900, Tailchop.
Dom – Ireland
Monster Fender EliminatorI asked the dealer the day I picked up this bike about a chop kit. The kit was 150 dollars and he said it was 2 hours labor, so around 350.00 bucks. Your kit was so simple, I think it took me 45 minutes start to finish, including watching the video, which by the way was very helpful.  Very easy kit, nice work, bike looks awesome!           Jon – 796 EVO.


Monster Fender EliminatorHi, Monster 900 ie – final look.

Hrvoj from Croatia.





Monster Fender EliminatorVery pleased with my tail chop. Easy installation an perfect result.

Victor – ’01 Monster – Sweden.




Received all the parts and it was really easy to fit. All the instructions were spot on and end result is fantastic!
Only downside was the old hacksaw I had was a bit dull so it took me a good hour to chop it off, haha. Cheers and thanks for the good and prompt service.
Pat from Sydney, Australia.


Monster Fender EliminatorThanks guys for the awesome product! Easy to install , great directions and it looks Killer!
Thanks again – Llew – New York.






Monster Fender EliminatorJust received my parts, very easy to install, less than 1 hour and it looks like a new bike. Fast shipping even from the USA to Europe, very happy !

Michael L ( Belgium ) ’99 M600.



Monster Fender EliminatorI am completely satisfied with the fender eliminator, having completed the tail chop & tamed the beast.  Excellent value, simple install & outstanding appearance.  Thank you guys!
Quinn – 796 – Oceanside, CA.




Monster Fender EliminatorThe kit was amazing. great installation kit and easy to follow instructions. Attached find photo of my bike with the tail chop.  – Ace L – 796.

 Monster Fender EliminatorYou guys make an amazing mod for the Ducati Monster! I absolutely love the look of my bike after the stealth chop and integrated tail light, makes it look MUCH more aggressive and streamlined. This is how a Monster is supposed to look. Instructions were dead simple with pictures and everything, i’ve been asked who did the work on my bike and my shipmates are surprised when they hear I did it in about 45 minutes! Keep up the good work! –  TJ Barnes.


Monster Fender EliminatorHello, everything went well. Part is great and now my S2R looks like he should :-).
Greetings, Rok – Slovenia.



Monster Fender EliminatorI installed the tail chop kit today and it looks great! I measured 1” back, taped the frame and used a set of tubing cutters that I have for plumbing and copper pipe. Took about 20-seconds to cut each side and was super clean and neat with no filing at all! Better way than a hack saw. Thanks, Scott LaCroix.



Monster Fender Eliminator


Monster 600
Sherm. DC, USA.
Monster Fender EliminatorSince I bought my Ducati I thought about chopping the tail. I WAS a little afraid about messing with the frame and the original parts. Thanks to the pictures of other Ducati owners, and encouragement of my friends  I finally chopped it. I looks WAY better. I hope to return the favor by submitting my own pics.  Andres Alvarez  – EL Paso Texas.


Monster Fender EliminatorHere is a picture of my 2006 s2r with your tail chop and integrated tail light those few mods make such huge difference in the looks department. Excellent product you have.
Dave H. Sydney Australia.


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