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Gen 1 Monster 1994-2008
400, 600, 620, 695, 750,
800, 900, 1000, S2, S2r, S4, S4r, S4rs 

Gen 2 Monster 2008 up
659, 696, 796 ,1100 .
Bike of the moment
Sanu – Hong Kong
Bike of the moment
Jay Z – US

Hi, this is Ty, and welcome to Monster tail chop. My goal is to help you get rid of the unsightly fender that is starting to haunt your dreams. I am personally committed to help make this process as easy and rewarding as possible. That’s what I do all day, help riders like you, not just make their bike more awesome, but to create that connection between rider and machine. Doing mods on a bike is like adding a part of you to the bike, you tap into its soul and become bonded, united, filled with pride. As a Monster owner you are part of a unique group, we love our bikes, the road and curves. Our bikes are beautiful and badass at the same time. And its not just any bike. Its your bike, it reflects you and your attitude, make it yours.
Its time to tame the beast!


“It’s not a real monster until you’ve disfigured it” 


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